First Blog

First Blog

After several months of planning and visualising if my salon concept will be what I expected it is time to really put the hard work in. I’ve always loved interior design so I wanted to combine a modern look with vintage twist so I started my research of colours, lighting, décor and furniture.

I wanted a simplistic look whilst creating a feeling of luxury and indulgence so I started to put my ideas down on paper. My research started through exploring the internet and scouring furniture stores. I wanted the theme to run through all aspects of the salon and started to sketch ideas of what the logo and salon name would be. After many hours of consideration I came up with ‘The Little Beauty Boutique’ and a salon logo that was poignant to my overall look and ultimately would get people wanting to find out more. I hope that’s what I’ve created.

I always visualised having a large reception area with luxurious surroundings and for those that know me, I have always loved a building project! I decided to take down some of the walls allowing me to create this beautiful space. I hope you like it.

Not only have I spent hours planning the overall look more importantly I wanted to ensure my clients had the best experience, using the best products to ultimately feel completely special. As part of my concept I would only use products that I believe in and would use of myself so this truly is a concept that comes from the heart and my love of the beauty industry.

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