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Launch night

That time has come and I have been officially open for 1 week, I would like to share this event with all of my friends and family and therefore would like to take this opportunity to invite you to my launch night on Thursday 20th April from 1730 until 1930. I hope you can join me in celebrating my new venture...

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Well the time has come to relaunch what I started all of those years ago, taking time out from the beauty industry to educate therapists across the city has been fantastic, however after 17 years as a beauty educator I felt it was time to come back to what I truly love and what I am passionate about. I may not have...

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First Blog

After several months of planning and visualising if my salon concept will be what I expected it is time to really put the hard work in. I’ve always loved interior design so I wanted to combine a modern look with vintage twist so I started my research of colours, lighting, décor and furniture. I wanted a simplistic look whilst creating a feeling...

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